Our classes run for 45 minutes | Max 12 people per class



Our staple strength class that will see you squat, deadlift and press your way to improve overall body composition and strength.  This class is programmed to include big lifts along with accessory work to give you a well rounded full body workout. We run program blocks that include deload weeks and strength testing. This class is a great way for beginners to learn correct movement patterns and technique or seasoned lifters to build on their strength. Class runs for 50 minutes with a maximum of 12 people


A full body, cardio based session with a big focus on bodyweight movements. Burpees, bear crawls, assault bike and running are a great example of what you can expect to see in our SWEAT programs. This class is suited for all fitness levels and abilities. Class runs for 50 minutes with a maximum of 12 people


Combining elements from our LIFT and SWEAT classes, this session brings you the ultimate strength and conditioning workout. Smart programming allows for loads of variety while still factoring in progression for members to see continued improvement in their movements. Class runs for 50 minutes with a maximum of 12 people


Each day we have a different focus within our training plan.  Our LIFT programs follow a 4-8 week cycle focussing on strength, technique development or hypertrophy. Our SWEAT and CONDITION programs are also built around 4 week cycles. We often start a new cycle with short intervals building into long endurance workouts.

Monday CONDITION - Slight upper body bias, weighted movements, barbell movements and cardio elements

Tuesday LIFT - Barbell back squats, upper body push movements and lower body accessories

Wednesday SWEAT - Bodyweight movements are the main feature, core and cardio elements

Thursday LIFT - Barbell deadlifts, upper body pull, biceps and lower body accessories. In our 5:05pm and 6pm sessions we also run a glute specific program

Friday CONDITION - Gymnastics movements, slight lower body bias, weighted movements, core and cardio elements

Saturday LIFT - Barbell bench press, front squat, upper body push/pull and triceps

Saturday SWEAT - Team based workouts working towards a common goal featuring bodyweight movements, weighted movements, cardio elements and running



Our 7 day trial gives you the opportunity to test out all of the classes we have on offer

7 day trial | $35


We also offer a 7 day trial combined with a one on one personal training session before you attend your first class.  This is a great option if you haven't been training for long, unsure about your technique or would like to find out a little more about how the group sessions work

Trial & PT session | $80


Attend as many classes as you like with our unlimited membership. No lock in contract and cancel/suspend anytime

Direct debit | $60 p/w


Attend three classes each week. No lock in contract and cancel/suspend anytime

Direct debit | $47.50 p/w



10 class package to use on any class over three months

Standard | $200

Student | $150

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